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Tuesday, Dec. 24, 2019 at 10:23 p.m.

December is a kind month. I don't remember many December's in my life, but I do remember Dec 2015 and it was kind and full of love.
This December was also kind and full of love in its own ways.
I am still not sure how we have remained friends for all these years, and some of my stupidity, but my God am I ever so thankful.

I've recently been feeling alone, and not having anyone that I can connect with around. That all of my friends that actually do get me live in a different country, and it sucks.

BB came and visited me for 2 nights, and it was amazing to be with a friend that you can sit in silence with. A friend that looks at you with such caring eyes they feel like a hug. I don't think we talked about anything deep or personal, but being in his company was just... Nice. Took him around the city, probably the most I've walked since my family trip in October, got in about 16 thousand steps.
He thanked me for my time, and for taking him around.
We went on an adventure where I thought taking my compact SUV in the desert was a good idea. I got stuck, and he actually got us out in a way I had never seen being done before!! He asked me to remove the carpet / mat from the driver's seat, and he removed his from the passanager's seat, and then we dug as much as we can from the sand under the front tires, and he inserted them before the wheels.
Before that he asked me if my car was front or back wheel, and I actually did not know. I didn't even know what any or most of the functions in my car are. But now I know, that I actually have the option of switching my rotating tires from front and back.
So after he placed the mats under the front wheels, he asked me to reverse, and omg the car got out of the sand!!
He told me that he learnt that while being stuck in the snow, and the car needed traction, and that gave it a surface. So cool.
I was shocked with how fascinated he was by the desert, considering he is from a neighboring country. What I had completely forgotten was, he is from an island. They do not have any desert. Probably desert weather, but not land.

Dropped him off at the airport today morning, and I have honestly been feeling sad. Tears have been glazing my eye balls but not falling. I suddenly feel alone. Even though I am not alone.

I am thankful for my family and friends, and now I know that I do have real connections with people that matter. Also hit a curb at one point in the trip, and was too stupid to notice the damage on the spot. The bumper / grill got popped out, noticed it the day fter while dropping him off to the airport, and I thought I checked the tire, but apparently I did not. My father noticed it when he got home, there is a deep-ish cut in the tire. Gonna need to change it. No regrets :)

Oh, and I still would trust him with the ten children I may or may never have in this world.

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