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Wednesday, Oct. 24, 2018 at 9:05 p.m.

Our first kiss was by the beach right after my orthodontist appointment. It was humid. He was so slobby, I loved it.
Throughout university I always felt like I missed out never been kissed with braces - all those chick flicks.
I got to do that with him. And btw, it's not big deal.
We brokeup soon after I removed my braces.
I am sad to say, or maybe more confused to say, I think I still love him. I care about him a lot.
Today I was on Facebook for a different reason, and I came across our old chats. I skimmed through some, it was 4 years ago. The thing is every time I read any our old conversations I fall in love with him again. The wit, the thoughtfulness, the smoothness, the understanding. It makes me wonder how he's feeling.
Is he in love? Is he happy? Satisfied? Does he miss me or think of me? Does he ever want to bump into me or tell me things the way I do?

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